Extended Telephone System Triage Trial




Due to the positive feedback from the recent telephone triage trial, we will be rolling out a longer trial of this appointment system, with the view of continuing it on a permanent basis.

This 2nd trial will start on Monday 3rd of June and run through to the end of July.

Your feedback has helped us to make this decision as we want to provide a service that is fair for everyone at both Sites. In order to do this, we will no longer be taking appointment requests at the reception desks at either Surgery site.

Please be assured and trust us when we say that the telephone system is fit for purpose and can handle the call volumes. If you receive an engaged tone when you call in, simply hang up and redial. You will get through. Once you are in the call queuing system the average answer time is less than 2 minutes.

When you call to request an appointment, the Care Navigator will ask you for a brief description of your issue. This is not them being nosy or intrusive, this is to enable the GPs to priorities calls to ensure we contact patients with urgent issues quickly and navigate all patients to the most appropriate clinician/service.


Please see the telephone triage process detailed below which explains the service:

  1. Patient Phones in at 8am if they want to see a GP. Contingencies put in place for Registered Deaf Patients
  2. Care Navigator answers the call and documents the information on the reason for the call and the most appropriate phone number to call them back on. This information is put on the “Triage List” for the Triage Doctor to see.
  3. Doctor Triages the Patients:
  • Can be dealt with over the phone by the Duty Doctor. Patient will be called back the same day
  • Patient needs to be seen Face to Face by a Clinician.
    A) This will be booked by the GP for Same Day appointments
    B) For routine appointments The GP will ask the care navigator to call the patient to book the appointment.
  • Medication requests/queries will be forwarded to our employed Pharmacists who will contact the patient directly

We are keen to improve our patients experience and move away from the historic negative feedback. The team, who work across both sites, are committed to providing all patients with good care.

We thank you for your continued support in improving the Surgery.

Yours sincerely,

The Team at Manor and Park Group Practice

Published: May 22, 2024